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“The first writing of the human being was drawing, not writing.” -Marjane Satrapi

Drawing is an instinct you have at an early age. You have to be taught to read and write, but you were born with the ability to learn to draw. Drawing is so important and instinctual that you learn to do it before you even enter school. As you mature, enhancing your drawing skills can build a solid foundation of fundamental art skills that will assist you in acquiring all of the knowledge and ability needed to become a proficient and confident fine artist. Drawing can help adults and teens express their feelings, thoughts, and ideas. It can also help you in your daily life in various ways including:

  • Learning to embrace your mistakes. A drawing is never correct the first time. While a beginner may think using an eraser is a bad thing, a professional knows that the eraser is essential. You always have to alter what you first think is “correct.” Making mistakes can actually guide you to finished product you never thought was possible in the beginning. The trick is to realize that the process should not be disheartening but a journey toward improvement.
  • You do not need to be a natural. Beginners think they often need a natural talent for drawing. Drawing is a skill that can be learnt. Olympians do not become gold medal winners overnight. Don’t give up if your first drawing does not resemble what you imagined. Your willingness to start something even when you know it won’t be perfect is crucial in becoming more productive.
  • Learning concentration is essential when drawing a subject accurately. Your eyes can become fatigued and you must take regular breaks. This also helps you look at your subject newly each time you re-approach it. Humans are not designed to work for continuous lengths of time. Practicing your drawing can also assist with your career productivity, not by working more hours, but working intensely in short, focused bursts.
  • Unlocking your creativity and engaging the right side of your brain can be done through drawing. Learning to draw is more about learning to see and discovering a new visual language which will enhance your ability to communicate ideas and thoughts in your everyday life.

While all our drawing classes are adaptable to various skill levels, if this is your first drawing class outside of a public school setting we recommend you start with the Introduction to 2-D Art or the Adventures in Drawing classes. These courses are geared toward beginners and are structured to provide step-by step instruction while building your confidence level. These basic skills will also enhance your success as you move into other mediums such as painting, printmaking, and even ceramics. Not only will you be working with pencil in these courses but graphite and colored pencils, pastels, and ink. In these courses, if time allows, you may also experience other mediums such as watercolors, printmaking and acrylics.

If you have had drawing in the past or have moderate experience, Drawing Fundamentals, Charcoal Portraits, and Pen and Ink classes are good options to enhance your skill. Again, these classes are geared toward beginners but due to small class sizes, usually no more than 8 – 12 students, instructors can adjust the curriculum to fit your needs. We can also accommodate Homeschool families or Co-ops if there are 5 or more students confirmed for the class.

We have several instructors that teach our drawing classes including Allison Parker, Hannah Justis, Janet Browning, and Sharon Squibb. All instructors are accomplished artists with in-depth visual arts knowledge with years of experience and training. It is important to our instructors that the classroom environment be comfortable and that students stay positive even when progress is not as quick as the student may expect. The McKinney Center believes in a collaborative environment that is encouraging and uplifting.

Students will have the opportunity to exhibit one of their projects at a special exhibition at the end of the semester.

Class schedules and fees vary each semester. Please review the most current class catalog for specific detail and always feel free to call the McKinney Center to discuss what class is best suited for your child.

Introduction to 2D Art

Beginners welcome! This class will explore fundamental skills and techniques for making drawings of simple subjects. A variety of media will be used including pencils, colored pencils, chalk and oil pastels, charcoal, pen and ink, and mixed media. All supplies included.

Adventures in Drawing

This class will explore fundamental skills and techniques for making drawings of simple subjects. Students will learn the basic techniques of line, shading, composition, and other drawing methods. Additionally, students will learn how to see with an artist’s eye and capture what we see on paper.

Mixed Media Drawing

In Mixed Media Drawing, students will be guided in learning how to create a finished composition utilizing various mediums. In the course, students will be exposed to mediums including; pen and Ink, watercolor, and collage. During the duration of the class, it is highly encouraged for students to experiment with different materials to create multilayered compositions. All skill levels are welcome!

Pen and Ink Drawing

In this class, students will fine-tune their drawing skills in the utilization of pen and ink mediums. Throughout the duration of the class, students will learn various pen markings and methods, how to create forms and highlights with penwork, and the process of creating illustrative compositions from the ground up. Sketchbook practices, notes, and medium experimentation will be heavily emphasized. Drawing experience is requested, but not mandatory.

Anime Art Club

This class focuses on the Japanese originated comic style of Manga and Anime drawings. Throughout the 6 weeks, students will learn the basics of rendering multiple styles of generic anime figures, known characters and, eventually, will create their very own original characters. Students will learn the rules of proportions and characterized anatomy, pen and ink techniques, and coloring processes. As the class progresses, students will have the opportunity to take their original characters and learn how to start their very own comic. This class will provide a safe creative space for young artists to experiment within their chosen illustrative styles. All skill levels are welcome.

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