The McKinney Center at Booker T. Washington School is proud to announce the launch of their 2022 annual Membership Drive. The McKinney Center invites the community, friends, artists, and students to Share the Love to support the Center’s scholarship and event programs by raising $2,000 in membership donations. The annual Membership Drive will start now and will run through February 5, 2022, with a goal of 100 members and membership renewals. You can even purchase a membership in memory or in honor of someone special in your life. 

Become a member HERE.

Benefits to 2022 members include early access to information through newsletters, member names listed on the McKinney Center website and certain printed publications throughout the year. Other 2022 Membership Benefits include the following:

  • $10.00 off Masterpiece Mingle Tickets, April 29, 2022.  If you know you want to purchase a Mingle Ticket at this time, you may renew your membership and purchase your ticket by going HERE.
  • $10.00 off classes and workshops at any time regardless of Early Bird Deadline.  Your promo code will be sent to you once your membership is renewed.
  • One ticket, per membership, to our Members-Only Brunch on February 5, 2022 and in 2023.  We will decide if this event will be in person or a drive thru at a later date.

“The arts matter because creativity is an infinite and enduring resource, one to draw upon in both the most joyous and the most challenging of moments.” Sarah Burford

The past two years has brought us challenging moments, made us alter our lives, our work, and how we function in the world around us.

At the McKinney Center, we have tried to provide stability, a sense of normalcy, and a safe place to be creative and community focused.

As Covid-19 has ebbed and flowed through our region the McKinney Center has strived to create new programming, alter existing opportunities, and tried to shift plans accordingly.

In 2021, we were able to bring back the Masterpiece Mingle, online.  We did not raise as much funds from this event this past year, but we still feel it was successful and well received.

We had five new “McKinney Center Markets” in 2021 to help offset lost revenue, to take the place of “Art in the Park,” and it was a way to give our regional artists some much needed revenue due to cancelled fairs and festivals.  These were so successful that we will be doing two markets in 2022, the weekend of May 20th and August 26th.

Set-up for classes and workshops have permanently been altered for the better due to the pandemic.  Our classes and workshops are small in size, spaced apart by time and physical space, and we are blessed with students and parents who care for the well-being of their community.  We have seen record numbers in registrations the past two semesters with 235 registrations in Spring 2021, and 247 registrations in Fall 2021.

Our Spring 2022 is looking very promising with over 70 classes and workshop opportunities.  We have nine new instructors offering a variety of new classes in dance, culinary arts, jewelry making, woodworking, and more.

We are extremely thankful to our current members whose financial support allowed us to be an essential resource to our community during this time.  

The goal of our 2022 membership drive is to grow to expand our reach and continues to endure as that vital resource the region can draw upon through our most challenging and most joyous of times.

Expanding our membership through this drive is critical as we continue to move forward and transition toward a regular routine.  With all of our successes, we experienced and are still experiencing financial hardship.  Rental revenues are still mostly non-existent.  Large events and fundraisers such as the StoryTown Radio Show, Masterpiece Mingle, Holidays Around the World, did not bring in the amount of revenue that we had hoped.

Each new membership, and each renewal, is an investment in the McKinney Center’s future, as we strive to be a space in Historic Jonesborough that allows the arts to thrive for all people, to create community, to allow individuals to innovate and express themselves, and to provide space for constant learning.

For more information, please call 423.753.0562 or contact Theresa Hammons at

Thank you!