Fire with us!  Rent an entire kiln, half kiln, or get a firing package.

The McKinney Center offers rentals of kiln space.  Kiln firings are priced by amount of space needed.  Clay work typically needs two firings.

You may submit your request for kiln firing here.  By submitting a request, you agree to the terms and conditions in this document.

For your safety and the protection of those around you, it is required that renters adhere to the McKinney Center’s studio policies. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of studio privileges and responsibility for any damages.

Experienced potters and ceramists are eligible for kiln rental at the McKinney Center.

The Skutt KM-1231PK

11.6 Cubic Feet

28×28 inches in diameter

31 inches high


If you as an individual would like to rent the entire kiln, or if you split kiln space with one or more people that result in a full kiln, a separate firing will need to be scheduled at the full bisque or glaze kiln-firing fee.



  • Mid-range clay only
  • Low-range clay will only be fired to bisque with other mid-range bisque clays
  • Low-range glaze firing only with full kiln rental ($55)


  • If using glaze with likelihood of running or overlapping two untested glazes, bottom ¼ MUST BE FREE OF GLAZE. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All pieces MUST have glaze-free bottoms. You will have to wipe off the glaze or the kiln WILL NOT be fired.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to clean pieces BEFORE they are brought to the McKinney Center.

Shelving & Storage

  • Only leave prepared green ware or glazed ware
  • Must provide own storage container
  • Preferred for renter to unpack/pack all pieces both pre- and post-firing
  • If unable to unpack all wares, McKinney Center staff will do so, with the understanding that they will not be held responsible for broken green ware and/or chipped glazes
  • Unclaimed bisque/glazed wares may be boxed up by staff for pickup
  • Renters must label or mark the bottom of their work so it can be identified by staff.
  • After notification, renters have seven (2) days to pick up work before it is discarded unless notified of special circumstances.

The Kiln

  • Kiln is fired on a regular basis so that projects may be planned in advance.
  • Kiln is fired to Cone 4 (bisque) and Cone 5 (glaze) only.
  • Only use glazes within the mid-range category.
  • No metals or glass allowed in firing.
  • Loading and unloading of kiln is under supervision of the McKinney Center staff and its ceramics teachers.
  • If pieces are considered too fragile or oversized for staff to handle, the renter may be asked to assist with loading/unloading.
  • Renters may request to be present for loading/unloading.

Damage Fees

$50 fee to be applied in event of renter’s glaze melting to kiln shelf. If resultant repair work further damages shelf, replacement shelf is required.

Damaged ½ Shelf:                           $75 + Shipping & Handling

Damaged Full Shelf:                        $125 + Shipping & Handling

Firing Schedule

  • When the McKinney Center receives your request, a staff or faculty person will contact you to schedule your firing. The McKinney Center is a multi-use facility with classes and rentals every day of the week.  It could take days or weeks to get the firing on the schedule.
  • The McKinney Center reserves the right to alter schedule as needed.
  • Firing will not be delayed for any reason.
  • When class is in session, firing is only offered when there is available space in a qualifying firing and you have requested a courtesy call.
  • Renter may also request to be put on an “On Call” list for when there is space in a MKC class’s firing by calling 423.753.0562.


  • Renters will be notified upon firing’s completion and all pieces must be claimed within seven (2) days of notification.

Hold Harmless

The McKinney Center and its staff/faculty are not responsible for lost and/or stolen clay pieces or boxes/containers.

The renter assumes responsibility for any damage whatsoever to Kiln because of renter given firing temperature, glaze drips or runs from renter’s piece, or explosions caused by, but not limited to air pockets, improper drying time, glaze running, or misuse of clay bodies (e.g. using a low-range clay in a mid-range firing).