McKinney Center Open House

January 16th  |  10am – 2pm

Location: McKinney Center

Has your child ever played with clay? Have you ever seen glass cutting equipment? Join us in our beautiful facility to meet teachers and get your hands dirty, and discover for yourself which class will be a great right fit for you. 

We know the importance of hands-on-experiences for all of our students and that is why we offer these experiences at our Open House.  Being hands-on allows students of all ages and learning styles to be more successful.  

Those who are tactile appreciate trying out several techniques. Auditory learners get a chance to talk through the process with instructors. Visual learners get to see what everyone is creating. Social learners enjoy a time for conversation with other students and teachers.

The breadth of benefit in this experience is invaluable and something we constantly strive to provide at the McKinney Center. For this reason, we encourage our students to attend our Open Houses.

The McKinney Center’s Mary B. Martin Program for the Arts hosts an Open House for the Spring and Fall semesters, in January and August each year. With a large variety of class options that we offer, it is often hard for students or parents to choose exactly what class or workshop is right for them. Our Open House provides an opportunity to learn a little bit more than the online descriptions and catalogs. Our faculty join us in setting up tables with examples and hand-on experiences to best show visitors what their classes will offer. This face-to-face interaction in a fun and informal environment can help put you at ease and discover the best art class option for you or your family.

The McKinney Center also knows the importance of safety. We realize the importance of getting to know the person who will be spending quite a few hours with your child during class time. Perhaps you have already registered yourself or your child for a class and simply just want to know more? Stop by our open house for the time to truly interact with our faculty.

The open house provides time to become familiar with art classes in general, too. Our teachers work on specific curriculums, and this is a great time to find out more about the objectives of our classes.

Last but not least, this is the prime time to sign up for classes. Perhaps you are confused on our registration process or you need to apply for a scholarship. During our open house our staff is on-hand to help you register and pay for the semester. We know it can get complicated, especially when signing up for multiple classes or workshops so staff are there ready to help you through the process.

Look for our Open House yard signs and Facebook event pages in January and August to join us for refreshments and great conversations with our faculty, and an easy sign up for classes. Hope to see you there!

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