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Theresa Hammons

Theresa Hammons

McKinney Center Director

Theresa Hammons is the Director of the McKinney Center and Jonesborough’s Mary B. Martin Program for the Arts. A native of Southwest Virginia, Theresa has lived in East Tennessee since 2006. She has her B.A. and M.A. degrees in Appalachian Studies from Berea College and Appalachian State University. Theresa worked at the prestigious Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian for six years, assisting in researching and curating exhibitions, and has worked in the museum and art fields for more than 20 years.
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Theresa brings her incredible experience as a museum curator and presenter to the McKinney Center, where she curates half a dozen shows per year to include the Juried Art Show, the Women’s Fund Art show, student art exhibitions and more. She believes that arts, history, and culture can not only make a difference in the lives of individuals but the community as a whole. She is often heard saying, “Artists are the keenest observers of society,” and often talks about how they can take societal issues and interpret them into song, dance, or visual art. The ability to do so is an incredible talent that should be shared and taught to all generations. She developed this philosophy early in her career while working at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian, where she worked with American Indian artists of all medias, skill levels, and ages from all over the Western Hemisphere. This philosophy is a part of her joy of working with artists and developing exhibitions, and is what drew her to the McKinney Center, where she oversees the eighty different art classes each year that are held for children, teens, and adults at various skill levels.

Each semester, Theresa listens to the community about the kinds of classes they would like to take and the kinds of skills they would like to learn and build upon. Since becoming the McKinney Center Director, Theresa has built an exciting curriculum for youth and adults as well as several intergenerational classes. She has grown the program from a few courses to more than eighty classes and one-day creative session to include music, painting, drawing, ceramics, writing, glass fusion, paper art, sculpture and more. These courses are created to help individuals develop their skillsets in order to take these skills home and create art on their own.

You can find Theresa in her office at the McKinney Center most days during operating hours but she loves to pop in on classes from time to time to meet students and parents. Watching students, no matter what age, grow their skills and talents each semester is one of her greatest delights. She will often ask parents how their child is doing in class and what they are learning or gaining from the experience and she encourages constructive feedback. Through these conversations with students and parents, Theresa continues to keep class offerings relevant, exciting, and rewarding.


Skye McFarland

Skye McFarland

Community Program Specialist

Skye McFarland is the Community Program Specialist at the McKinney Center. Skye grew up in Apex, NC and earned her B.A. and M.A. in Appalachian Studies from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. Skye’s focus in her studies was building sustainable communities in the region through art, culture, and other facets, and brings that passion to her role at the McKinney Center.
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Skye’s background has been in examining and applying the cultural assets of a community, which also includes its history, as a way to help communities look backward to move forward. Often this movement includes art and cultural projects that are highly participative. Skye worked at the acclaimed Appalshop, gaining experience in the development of documentary film while with the Documentary Film Services at ASU. She served with the Watauga Arts Council during her graduate studies and gained experience in the non-profit sector, as well as community engagement work through arts and media. Prior to joining the McKinney Center, Skye worked with the Heritage Alliance at the Chester Inn Museum.
Skye came to the McKinney Center with her long-term mission to use her organizational and administrative skills to work in Appalachia facilitating the arts. Her influence can be seen in many programs originating from the McKinney Center. In her work with youth outreach, Skye brings art experiences to youth across the area throughout the year at festivals, special events, and in school field trips. She coordinates Jonesborough’s Story Initiative and Story Brigade members, and organizes the oral history collections from the community.

Volunteerism for the McKinney Center has grown exponentially under her leadership, which allows the McKinney Center’s influence to reach broader into the community. This coordination of volunteers means getting to know the community, asking for help, coordinating tasks, as well as letting the volunteers know they are appreciated. Skye organizes and hosts the Volunteer Appreciation event for all of those with a heart to help our programs. Her focus, as ever, is on the importance of diversity and inclusion, and continues to expand programming into underserved areas.

Skye’s personal mission aligns strongly with the McKinney Center’s Mission Statement, creating, “A devoted community space intended to welcome, and engage, and bring together, all members of its community.” For Skye, this is not just a goal of the job, but a personal passion. Skye sees the center as a safe and inclusive space for every person in the area. It is her goal to ensure that all feel they have a voice that is heard.

Skye believes that artists are not just those who sell pieces and enter art shows, but that everyone is an artist, and that’s why we offer classes to anyone. She believes adamantly that, “Anyone can create art and everyone has a story to be heard.”


Anne Mason

Anne Mason

Program Manager

Anne G’Fellers-Mason is the Program Manager for the McKinney Center where she oversees the StoryTown Initiative, including the monthly StoryTown Radio Show.

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Prior to her employment with the Town of Jonesborough, she served as the Executive Director of the Heritage Alliance of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, a non-profit organization she had worked with since 2008. She has a BA in History/Theatre from Mars Hill University, a MA in History from ETSU, and an MFA in Playwriting from Hollins University. She combines her degrees to write history-based plays including the award-winning “A Spot on the Hill” that takes place every fall in the Old Jonesborough Cemetery and the award-winning “Nancy” that tells the story of an enslaved woman who was enslaved by Elihu Embree while he was writing his abolitionist newspaper The Emancipator. Anne is also a published author through Mountain Gap Books. Her titles include The Summer Between, Haints and Hollers: New Ghost Tales from Appalachia, and Shelved: Appalachian Resilience Amid COVID-19.

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