Conversations That Matter

Conversations That Matter aims to create programming that supports the mission of the McKinney Center and the McKinney Center’s Diversity & Equity committee.

McKinney Center’s Mission: “Building community and enriching relationships through excellent arts education, cultural interpretation, and historic preservation.”

McKinney Center’s Diversity & Equity Committee Mission: “Strive to foster recognition of the diversity in our community by optimizing a meaningful network, building sustainable relationships, embracing uniqueness, and strengthening the celebration of our differences through programming and events.”

The program is a monthly online series in which two local guests explore their own culture and perspectives, talk about what makes them unique, discover their similarities, and explore their differences. They look at where their lives might intersect personally and in the community. The goal of each Conversation is for guests and participants to hear real stories, from real neighbors, which humanizes those different from us.

This monthly series is inspired by the Diversity & Equity Subcommittee at the McKinney Center, and their desire to highlight the experiences of all voices in Washington County, Tennessee, with an intention to include marginalized groups. By showcasing these conversations, the Diversity & Equity subcommittee hopes to open doors to new ideas and perspectives amongst our very own neighbors. Questions such as, “What was your experience in grade-school and how did that make you feel?” or, “Have you experienced exclusion or racism?” For many of us the answers are different and unique. The McKinney Center believes it is time to talk about our experiences and share them. 

There is value in uplifting these stories so that we may learn from one another. Then, after hearing from one another our moderators and guest conversationalists will give insight on how to move forward.


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