About Us

The Town of Jonesborough understands the value of the arts in improving academic achievement in youth, enhancing understanding, tolerance, and self-esteem, as well as building relationships and community. The mission of the McKinney Center at Booker T. Washington is to provide a comprehensive program through Jonesborough’s Mary B. Martin Program for the Arts which teaches various art skills to all participants through a quality program of instruction open to all segments of Jonesborough’s population.

In addition, a primary mission of the Center is to enhance minority participation in the planning and implementation in all activities in Jonesborough while specifically celebrating the contribution of the African American community in the growth and development of the Town. The activities of the McKinney Center are designed to enhance the quality of life of all Jonesborough residents.

The McKinney Center is in the renovated building that was once the Black grade-school in Jonesborough that served much of Washington County. The building was built in 1940 and served as the Black school until integration in 1964.

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The McKinney Center at Booker T. Washington School is a multi-use facility providing arts education through Jonesborough's Mary B. Martin Program.


Phone: 423.753.0562

103 Franklin Ave.
Jonesborough, TN 37659