Jonesborough’s Student Film Festival

Each November, McKinney Center rolls out the red carpet to welcome the young film students who have taken part during the year’s film making classes for the Annual Student Film Festival. On this night, students will debut their films for the public for the first time. It is a night to celebrate the achievements of their efforts.

All of these films are student written and directed. As a StoryTown project, which is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and presenting the stories of the people from this region, the students focus their attention on Jonesborough’s historic people and places. A series of “History Minute” films, news programs, and documentaries take a look at such subjects as Ella Russell, an African American hospital-trained nurse who served in East Tennessee. Other subjects have included the Chuckey Depot; Elihu Embree and his newspaper, The Emancipator, the first publication solely dedicated to the abolitionist movement; Captain Christopher Taylor and the Christopher Taylor Cabin; the Historic Chester Inn; train wrecks in Jonesborough during the 19th Century; Andrew Jackson; Parson Brownlow, and Jonesborough’s own Buffalo Soldier, Alfred Martin Rhea. Many of these “History Minute” films will be presented on the website of the Heritage Alliance, an organization that partners with the McKinney Center film classes by providing documents, artifacts, and resources to students for their films.

Student filmmakers learn how to create a storyboard, develop a film concept, and write a simple script. They learn how to operate a high-definition video camera, how to operate studio lightning, how to use sound and music, and basic film direction. They also learn how to act for film. They gain a new awareness of the vital role Jonesborough has played in the history of Tennessee and of the United States, as they do “location shots” throughout town.

In addition to the technical training they receive, they are also encouraged to think creatively and find new ways to present the historic material. Students are empowered with the opportunity to create a film using their own unique perspective. Students control the point of view and are in charge of the process. Each is given the experience of leadership as they step into the role of the director, bringing their visions to life. The Student Film Festival highlights all of their creativity and technical expertise.

Film teacher Jules Corriere notices, “The students are really hard-working and dedicated to learning about their subjects- which are the people and places that make Jonesborough unique and wonderful. It’s exciting for me, as their teacher, to watch them find creative ways to bring this history to life, in their own way.”

To make this night memorable, students are picked up in a Limo Van, and driven through town. When they arrive at the McKinney Center, they each have their own red-carpet walk. Popcorn and drinks are served, and the films, ranging from 2-6 minutes in length each, are premiered to the public in the auditorium. The event is free and open to the public, and the community is encouraged to come and celebrate these young filmmakers, and their contribution to telling Jonesborough’s stories.

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