Let’s Make a TV Show

Course Instructor

Jules Corriere

Available Fall 2019

Course Information

The McKinney Center offers classes and camps perfect for any young person interested in making films and telling stories through technology. In this high-energy, fast paced class, students will learn how to develop ideas into storyboards, create scripts, determine filming locations, direct actors, become an actor for their own films and those of their classmates, and learn some basics in editing. The classes focus on the fundamental elements of visual storytelling that enable the students to envision and direct their own projects.

Additional Class Information
This year, students will create films that begin with research into real artifacts and stories from the Washington County region, as they examine pieces of history from the archived collections of the Heritage Alliance. True-life mysteries, local heroes (and villains) and historic locales will be the basis of the films, and students will be able to choose what subject they would like to focus on, as well as how they would like to present the film. Genres may include crime-dramas, documentaries, news style programs, dramatic reenactments and more. Students will also have the opportunity to use chroma key, or “green screen” technology in their films, as the student television studio at the Gillespie building has a green screen.

In the class, taught by Jules Corriere, students will create storyboards, write scripts, and work together to display their knowledge in a creative way. Jules uses the movie-making process to help students understand, reinforce, and review concepts that they learn in their academic school setting. Students make creative movies to enhance their ability to write interesting stories. Jules also believes that movie-making is a great way to build community among students, hone their writing skills, engage their creative imaginations, and instill confidence even in those who might begin the class afraid to be in front of the camera. Movie-making is certainly a collaborative and exciting way to make learning come alive.

Our film studio, located in the Gillespie Building on Persimmon Ridge Road, is equipped with film and movie making technology. Students will begin on day one getting the opportunity to have hands-on experiences with cameras, artifacts, editing equipment, lighting, equipment and more. They’ll learn about camera shots and angles, and how to effectively use them, and then jump into creating their own 2-3 minute film. The class provides use of Cannon Vixeo HD cameras to shoot scenes inside the studio and for location shots. Final Cut Pro is the editing software that is used on our Macbook Pro computers. Students will learn the functions of the cameras and software and with their own equipment can create projects at home or for school. At the end of the class, students will have the training necessary to begin creating films on their own. The children’s 6-week film class will provide a brief lesson in editing, while the majority of editing will be done by film class interns and staff. In the 8-week teen film class, students will learn editing techniques and edit their own films with assistance from the instructor.

The McKinney Center hosts an annual Film Festival in November of each year where the current year’s film students will premier their final products. Students meet at the Jonesborough Visitor’s Center and get picked up by a limo or party bus and are driven through town and to the McKinney Center where they are met with a red carpet and paparazzi! This is a fun evening to celebrate their hard work and for them to share their creativity with their family and friends!

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