StoryTown Radio Show

Now in its ninth season, “StoryTown Radio Show” is a monthly, scripted production, based on local stories and regional music, and performed by an inter-generational, multi-cultural cast of local actors, storytellers, and musicians, to create an audio patchwork quilt of what it means to be home in the mountains.

The Jonesborough StoryTown performance takes place at the International Storytelling Center in Downtown Jonesborough and is broadcasted monthly to the Tri-Cities region on the local NPR station 89.5 FM, WETS. These productions celebrate the culture, history, and stories of the people of Jonesborough and the Southern Appalachian Region.

Real stories, real people. This one-hour storytelling program is filled with true-life adventures of people past and present from Jonesborough, Tennessee, and the surrounding Southern Appalachian Region.  Each program presents stories built around a common theme.  All of these stories, which are collected from the hills and hollers, and sometimes up in the mountains of East Tennessee, are scripted into a show that explores the culture, heritage and history of these diverse voices.  Home to the town of the first Abolitionist Newspaper in the Country. Home to the state that made Women’s Suffrage a reality. Home to Warner Institute, training Freedmen and Women as teachers beginning less than a decade after the end of the Civil War.  Surprising, heartwarming and often hilarious stories of the independent East Tennessee people come to life  with a voice and accent that can be found nowhere else.

The Jonesborough StoryTown is a community building group and open to anyone who would like to participate. Everyone is welcome, from all ages and backgrounds, regardless of experience. If you live here, you belong! If you have a story to tell, this is the place! For more information contact Jules Corriere at or 423.794.6320.

2020 Season
Feature story for January is “Our Favorite Things”
Live Performance – January 27, 2020
Podcast of the January episode is HERE.

Feature Story for February is “New, Used & Recycled”
Live Performance – February 24, 2020
Podcast of the February episode is: HERE

Podcast for March 23,2020 is “Fair Play”
and is: HERE

Podcast for April 3, 2020 is “Strong Women of Jonesborough” and is: HERE
Original performance March 28, 2016

Podcast aired April 19, 2020 is “Good For What Ails Ya” and is: HERE

Podcast aired May 1, 2020 is “Covid-19 Stories from the Front Lines” and is: HERE

Podcast aired May 15, 2020 is “Valiant Volunteers”  and is: HERE

Podcast for May 29, 2020 is “Not All That I Carry” and is: HERE

Podcast aired June 12, 2020 is “Visitors and Travelers” and is: HERE


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