Glass Fusion

Course Instructor

Karen Hitchcock

Course Information

The glass fusion workshops at the McKinney Center are perfect for busy teens and adults who want to create something beautiful, but may not have the time to invest in a multi-week course. Working with instructor Karen Hitchcock, students will learn the skills necessary to create a beautiful piece of glass art which they will make during the class. No prior experience is necessary for these workshops. During the workshops, students will learn how to safely and properly cut colored glass in straight and curved lines; how to cut circles and other geometric shapes; how to use frit (finely cut glass pieces) for texture; how to layer for best results; and using these techniques, create a work of art of their own making.

Additional Class Information

Each workshop offered allows students to try their hands at a different style of art. From creating plates, to coasters, to nightlights, to garden stakes and other forms, the Glass Fusion offerings allow students to take one class or enjoy multiple classes, creating new and different pieces. Many students often build their skills as they move from one workshop to the next, becoming more comfortable and expressive with the form.

In addition to teaching cutting techniques, instructor Hitchcock informs students about the kinds of glass they are using, and how the different grades react differently to fire. Hitchcock also goes over the proper use of dichroic glass, iridescent, opaque, and translucent. Students become informed of how and on what items to use the different kinds of glass. They are also informed of where they can find materials on their own.

Hitchcock, a working glass fusion artist, brings several pieces of her own work to use as examples for students to study, and provides a very hands-on, easy going learning environment for students. In addition to creating art, Hitchcock also stresses that she strives to make the environment a fun, social, laid-back experience for all participants.

By the end of the workshop, students will have completed their own works of art, which will be taken to a glass-firing kiln. Because heat fusion is necessary, students will pick up their pieces at a later date, once the works have been fused.

The class is designed and taught by Karen Hitchcock and is specifically designed for older students. Hitchcock’s expertise as a working artist-teacher allows her to meet each student where they are on their artistic learning journey, and the small class size allows her to give individual attention to each student.

Karen Hitchcock has a well-known reputation among local and regional artists, as well as in New York, where she moved from several years ago. She now lives in Elizabethton with her husband, and is a member of the Blue River Studio. Her vast experiences give her the ability to work with students at any stage of development, and help them develop their skills with individual care.

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