Homeschool Art Class – Creative Constructions

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Donna Bird

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Your child has incredible ideas and a creative imagination. Creative Constructions is a class that teaches the skills necessary to bring these ideas to life through painting, drawing, sculpting, and other mediums. This course provides your child the experience to create art projects that go beyond the basic art instruction they may have received in our introductory classes. Creative Constructions builds on your child’s developing skills while introducing them to exciting and complex activities that allow them to stretch their imaginations and fine-tune their developing skill set.

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This class is designed by Larke Foster, who has been an art teacher for over thirty years and continues to teach at the McKinney Center. She has developed the curriculum from her extensive experience teaching young children of all abilities and can adjust projects based on a child’s skills and needs. Larke is an active artist and participates in exhibitions and art events throughout the area.

In addition to learning the skills necessary to create these more complex pieces, the Creative Construction curriculum also introduces your children to art forms that come from many different world cultures. Larke understands that by sharing these various techniques from other cultures, it exposes each student to an opportunity to deepen their understanding and appreciation of art from around the world. You student will begin journey into global art through this course.

Class sizes are small, usually no more than 8 children per class. This ensures that your child will be provided with close instruction and attention. There is also a Homeschool version of Creative Construction specifically geared for families who homeschool and have a flexible daytime schedule.

Students will have the opportunity to exhibit their projects at a special exhibition held at the end of the semester. They will also get to take home their masterpieces which may include, perspective paintings, 3D sculptures, pottery, collages, and more. Each semester, the projects change, making each class session a unique experience.

By the end of the class, students will have a strong understanding of more complex artistic skills, such as perspective, three-dimensional thinking, color and shading, as well as a strong understanding of where many art forms originated. If you and your child loved this class we strongly encourage speaking with the instructor or a staff member to see what class may be best. Depending on what medium your child enjoys they may be ready for a beginning potter, drawing, or painting class!

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