Art Exhibits and Shows

The McKinney Center, Jonesborough’s home of the Mary B. Partin program, is proud to showcase a wide range of work created by local artists. Through a changing exhibition installed several times each year, the goal of the Center is to showcase regional talent through the Artist Exhibition Series. The endeavor of the exhibition series is dedicated to enriching and expanding people’s lives through the work of the many exceptional artists living in the region.

The McKinney Center is proud to boast of a mission; to be committed to inspiring the people of the area through both the appreciation of and the participation in the arts as a method of personal and collective expression. The main objective of the Artists Exhibition Series acts to bring the community at large closer together by highlighting the aptitude of the community and showcasing individual hard work and dedication. By installing bodies of work that embody the importance of local support, the McKinney Center hopes to show, as an example to other communities, the creative influence that the arts can bring to their quality of life.

What one might expect from a McKinney Center Artist Exhibition is nothing short of home-based support and enthusiasm. When exhibiting at the Center, artists are to expect a consistent flow of local guests and community members visiting the Center and perusing the art on display. Based on the discretion of the artists in questions, work is marked for sale and available for admirers to purchase.  Proceeds of the work sold are shared between the artists and the McKinney Center, supporting the growth and professional repertoire of the artists as well as the continuation of the evolution of the Center. By contributing to the development of the McKinney Center, supporters of the Artists Exhibition Series help to strengthen the Center in offering comprehensive programs, including a variety of arts education and opportunities for all ages and talents.

Each individual Artists Exhibition showcases one to two regional artists; highlighting the talents found in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art practices. The McKinney Center generally holds four separate shows, each installed for around a month in total. The Artists Exhibition Series receptions are hosted by the McKinney Center as well as the displayed artists and are open and free to the public. Leading up and during the duration of the Exhibit, the McKinney Center provides publicity through all social media and marketing outlets. For more information, or if interested in displaying your talents in a McKinney Center Artist Exhibition, please contact the Center at 423.753.0562 or contact the McKinney Center Director Theresa Hammons at

2022 Schedule of Art Exhibitions

March 18 – April 29 Charles Jones

Opening Reception on March 18, 5-7pm

May 12 – 20 Student Art Exhibition

Opening Reception on May 12, 6-7pm

June 3 – 24 Pat Sheets

Opening Reception on June 3, 5-7pm

July 8- 22 Craig Smith

Opening Reception on July 8, 5-7pm

August 5 – 19 Jay Flack

Opening Reception on August 5, 5-7pm

September 9 – 22 Nance Jane Ernest

Opening Reception on September 9, 5-7pm

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The McKinney Center at Booker T. Washington School is a multi-use facility providing arts education through Jonesborough's Mary B. Martin Program.


Phone: 423.753.0562

103 Franklin Ave.
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