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Beverly Thomas Jenkins

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Mosaics are making a comeback as artists and crafters all over the world are rediscovering the ancient art! A mosaic is a picture of pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile or glass. Mosaics have a long history, starting in Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC and could be found throughout Ancient Greece and Rome.

Additional Class Information

The mosaic classes and workshops at the McKinney Center caters to those who wish to learn the beautiful craft of Mosaic and create their own modern works of art!  Workshops are perfect for the busy adult or teen who wants to create something unique, but may not have the time to invest in a multi-week or multi-month course. Whichever class you choose, you will discover why these weekend workshops and classes have become so popular!  Classes are ideal for all skill levels from first-timers to seasoned hobbyists and professionals who want to refine skills

Working with instructor Beverly Jenkins, students will learn the skills necessary to create a beautiful mosaic which they will make during the class.  No prior experience is necessary for these workshops just choose a class or project and you will be guided through the mosaic-making process from start to finish.

Different mosaic classes are offered throughout the year.  Classes that have been offered in the past include; Pet Portraits, Nature, Roosters and Chickens, Flower Pots, and Vases.  All classes, unless noted in the catalog, are perfect for beginners. Courses cover the basic mosaic instructions, learn how to safely and properly various types of glass and how to use tools.  Students will also learn about shading, placement, and how to use “found objects,”

The mosaic courses are taught by Beverly Thomas- Jenkins, a working mosaic artist, who has her own studio in Jonesborough.  Beverly will bring examples of her work and provide hands-on learning in an easy going and fun environment. Beverly grew up in an artistic household and she began creating mosaic work in 2007.  She recalls her original passion for the form began in 1963, when her parents created a 7×4 foot mosaic table, which became their dining room table. “Here was this big, beautiful piece of art, and it function as the thing we ate our food from. Looking back, I realize, I like making art that you can use, just like my father and mother did.”

Jenkins especially likes to use found objects, bringing new use to pieces that have perhaps lost their original use. She has created works from broken heirloom dishes and cups. She also works with Venetian & Mexican Smalti, stone, marble, pottery, metals, found objects, art glass, and more.

Perhaps her love for Venetian style mosaics was influenced by her love of travel. Jenkins and her husband, Herman, have taken numerous trips to all parts of the globe, and these travels further inform Jenkins’ work.

Her talent and passion has led to numerous commissions. Her work is found in many private residences around the world, and is in several public collections, including the Boston Children’s Hospital, as well as several hotels in California.

Jenkins recently studied under Italian mosaic artist, Giulio Menossi, and recently was asked to teach a mosaic workshop, herself, in Europe.

Due to handling glass these classes are best suited for older teens and adults.  The class size is small and allows the instructor to give individual attention to each student.  

Different mosaic classes are offered each semester.  Please check the current class catalog for this semester’s mosaic opportunities.

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