We’re all counting down until our favorite patriotic festival hits Tennessee’s Oldest Town, Jonesborough Days. It’s one of the regions first festivals and favorites! Maybe your little ones are thrilled to ride the trackless train or maybe the guys out there can’t stop thinking about the mouthwatering low country shrimp boil. And of course, we all love to stroll through the locally crafted items at the vendor booths. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at a few of the most anticipated vendors for this year’s festival— and they’re all under 14 years old!

For the first time ever, Jonesborough Days is introducing the, I Made It Market, a pop-up art market that will stand as a vendor location for young artists and creative makers to sell their hand-made goods.

On Saturday, June 30th from 2 to 5 p.m. at Discovery Park, The McKinney Center will provide a table for young entrepreneurs to offer a unique shopping experience to the festival’s attendees while promoting the local arts scene and celebrating youth arts education and involvement.

Meet Ashton D’Avella

Ashton is a man of many talents, including crocheting. His first lesson was given by Deb Burger, a master at crocheting, teacher and author. Some of Ashton’s work can even be viewed in Deb’s book, Complete Photo Guide to Crochet.

Following Ashton’s crochet book debut, he began selling his “Rainbow Rings” at Hands Around the World, a vibrant shop housed on Main Street. Each item in the shop is created from artists in small villages from various regions of the world, each telling the story of that culture.

You can find Ashton at I Made It Market, selling his famous Rainbow Rings and other items.


Meet Braelynn, Gage and Cale

From canvas paintings to bracelets and even goat’s milk soaps, this trio has been hard at work preparing for I Made It Market.

Braelynn has been grandma’s helper in making soaps since she was 7 years old. It’s a tradition that Braelynn’s grandma, Robin, has since taught all 3 kids and passed down her perfected soap recipe.

All three have a variety of plans for their profits from I Made It Market.

“I’m gonna save my money so I can get a jeep.” Gage said. “Hopefully a 4-door Jeep but if I can’t afford that I’ll get a 2-door. But really, I’ll probably just end up spending it before then.”

On the other hand, Cale plans to spend his money on video games while Braelynn needs a mere $25 for a gallon of glue so she can make more crafts, specifically slime.

You can find Braelynn, Gage and Cale at I Made It Market selling canvas paintings, bracelets, and goats milk soaps.


Meet Sophia

Sophia began experimenting with her bath bomb creations after she received a making kit for her birthday this year. Sophia puts her creativity to the test with her bath bombs by adding essential oils and colors, giving them a unique look and providing an array of aromas.

Sophia’s favorite thing about bath bombs is experimenting to create the perfect scent for each. Her excitement about being a maker at I Made it Market stems from her a chance to earn some extra money while sharing her love for bath bombs with others.

Come meet Sophia at I Made It Market.


The Details

I Made It Market will be held during Jonesborough Days on Saturday, June 30th from 2 to 5 p.m. at The Discovery Park.

If you know a young maker between 8-14 years of age that would be interested, please call the McKinney Center at 423.753.0562 or email Theresa Hammons at theresah@jonesboroughtn.org  to secure a spot at the table. There is no vendor fee for I Made It Market.