Homeschool Art Class – Art Adventures

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Donna Bird

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Spark your child’s imagination in this class that introduces basic art skills and provides an environment to grow as a young artist. Art Adventures is designed for 5 to 7 year-old children to strengthen their creative nature through developing a hands-on approach in acquiring techniques, skills and an art vocabulary which will be used in later courses.

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Students will be introduced to art skills where each activity and project are taught with intention to develop understanding and experimentation with a wide variety of media, techniques, and process. With activities such as painting, drawing, and sculpture, students produce exciting and fun projects that change every semester. Both new and returning students will develop their skills with individualized instruction in a small group setting. Small class size allows for individual attention in a nurturing environment!

The Art Adventures course was developed and is taught by Larke Foster. Larke has been an art teacher for over thirty years and continues to teach at the McKinney Center. Larke received her Art Education degree from the University of North Carolina where she developed the philosophy that children are born artists and that it is the teachers job to be a guide. She has developed the curriculum from her extensive experience teaching young children of all abilities and can adjust projects based on a child’s skills and needs. Larke feels that she is always in a discovery period and is always learning to be an artist. She enjoys learning alongside her students. Larke is an active artist and participates in exhibitions and art events throughout the area. She is also an avid traveler which inspires her desire to teach art through cultural experiences.

Each class meeting the students will work on different skills beginning with concepts of line variety, geometric shape, texture, primary color, and pattern through exploratory drawing, painting collage, and stamping. Students will learn vocabulary as well. As students progress lessons will focus on concepts of line direction and type, organic shape, 3-D form, real and implied texture, secondary color, and composition. Soon, students will begin to identify positive and negative space and delve into both realistic and abstract drawings, relief prints, paintings and paper sculptures.

It is recommended that students take Art Adventures from Kindergarten until 2nd grade each semester as projects will change and their skills will grow. Once they have finished with the Art Adventures program or on the advise of the instructor, students should move on to Creative Constructions.

During their time in Art Adventures, students will create a multitude of projects including prints, sculptures, paintings, collages, and more to take home.

At the end of the semester, your child will choose one or two pieces to place in the student art show that is held at the end of the semester. This is an opportunity for us to celebrate your child’s dedication and hard work during the class. It is also a time to showcase their masterpiece to their family and friends.

Art Adventures is held each fall and spring semester. The days and times can vary. Please check the current class catalog for more details.

How can you as parents support your child’s creativity? Designate a space for creating whether it is a tiny corner with a sack of Legos or a box of old clothes for playing dress-up. Keep it simple. Simple games and activities will suffice and allow them to use their imagination instead of following instructions. Allow for “free time.” Give your child unstructured time and spend a few hours at home without scheduled activities. Help your kids activate their senses. Take them to the library, a museum or a park. Ask them to imagine traveling to a faraway place like the jungle and think about what they may encounter or hear. Help kids pursue their passions. Pay attention to your child’s interest and make those materials and activities available to them. Take time for your own creativity. Kids learn from watching their parents. Join your child in drawing, using play-doh, cooking, etc. Not only will you help build your child’s skills but you will also make wonderful memories!

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